iyanya biography

Iyanya: The Man Who Can’t Hear No

Yewande Adedokun

Not the type of musician to write off or place a timer on. Iyanya has stood the test of time, made his mark from nothing. When it seems he’s on the last life line, he picks up like a comet straight into the sky. That is the Iyanya introduced to us by the 2008 MTN Project Fame after he emerged as the winner of the competition.

Growing up was a thing of hope as he lost his parents at an early age. Independence must be the watch word as Iyanya picks himself up every time to announce his name, the name we all put a good measure of respect on everytime we hear it.  Now, skepticism arise as we are yet to witness the Iyanya we know with Made Men Music Group now that he has signed with Don Jazzy’s Marvin Record.

The musical king from the South-South part of Nigeria stormed our television screen and invaded our radio air waves with his song titled ‘Kukere’. 


Since that time, every song that drops from Iyanya’s mouth turns to gold, endorsements fell like rain even after his first debut album ‘My Story’  washed up like melting ice; he picked himself up after that and proceeded with releasing more music. A lot of people agreed that Iyanya solely made MMMG record label and contributed to its name.

Nigerians are yet to resolve their fear on what is to come of the Kukere crooner after signing to Marvin record where we are yet to have a taste of what Iyanya is made of. With his vast experience and versatility, Iyanya is perceived to be the type of musician who will stand on his own after leaving MMMG label and expected to sign young upcoming artists. But the lad decided to join Don Jazzy and Marvin crew crawling with  artists who want to make a name themselves.

We cannot fathom the reason for Iyanya’s decision, but the fact remains that, it will be wrong to write him off the music scene yet, because he sure knows where to swing the sword when it comes to fighting for his spot. We hope to see the sun shine on him again. We surely miss his tantalizing music and catchy hooks, with his adlibs and chiseled physique, Iyanya is a man no woman can hate!

Below is the video to Iyanya’s new single titled Hold On.