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Apala music which dates as far back as the 1930s, became a genre of music in Nigeria because of the use of percussive instruments such as Rattle, the one referred to as Sekere by the Yorubas, Agidigbo, Agogo and talking drum.


With successful pioneers such as Haruna Ishola and Ayinla Omoruwa, Apala music has been made known among the Muslim Yoruba people of Nigeria.  Haruna Ishola is perceived as the pioneer of Apala music while some accredit the  success of the genre to Ayinla Omoruwa who died in his forties. Both musicians made their mark with their choice of music and were both successful in it. Below are some music compilation by Haruna Ishola and Ayinla Omoruwa.



In the early 2000s, Musiliu Haruna Ishola, Haruna Ishola’s son stepped into his father’s shoes to rejuvenate Apala music in Nigeria and breaking the barrier held on the genre by the Muslim Yorubas , making Apala music the type of music any age, tribe or religious denomination can listen to. Musiliu Ishola’s ”Soyoyo” album invades our ears all the time.



Recently, Qdot refined Apala music to suit the younger generation. Enjoy the tantalizing video of his single “Apala New Skool”



Apala genre of Music is gaining its ground with the mix of tunes from Qdot and other performing artist in Nigeria another notable mention would Terry Apala; so the elephant in the room is: would the new post-apala artists be able to make this local genre mainstream?