5. Don’t Make Me by Olu Bliss

Summary: soothing, jazzed neo soul















It seems like in his EP, Travelling Bliss,  Olu Bliss made it his mission to create something classic. And the EP is buzzing with lovely songs, melodies and music, so mature and sophisticated. ‘Don’t Make Me’ has everything you’d want in a song and more, the odd piano scale, the walking bass lines, and beautiful songwriting. Olu’s music is like a a balloon reaching the clouds, not because of the hydrogen inside, it’s something else, something blissful.



4. Want You by Remy Baggins

Summary: jackson feel with a funk twist















Remy Baggins is a young producer that has worked with numerous new acts like Famous Bobson, Nafeesa etc. Influenced hugely by Daft Punk, Michael Jackson and the ilk; and what we have in ‘Want You’ is a melting pot of those influences. ‘Want You’ has a catchy hook and it should be on your playlist like comb on afro hair.



3. Love No be beans by Dewe

Summary: raw vocals over eastern bass lines















One of the finalist of acclaimed Vocal contest, The Voice; Dewe’s Love No Be Beans is a big disappointment to Contemporary R&B and Soul as that’s what we thought his voice was suited for. But when you listen to his debut single, you’d be amazed at the wonderful blend of traditional Igbo Highlife coming to terms with 2016. Dewe’s sound(if this is it), might be the one to light up 2017.



2. Summer & Loving by Orinayo Ojo

Summary: effortless neo-soul















This throwback Soul song is the Christmas present that arrived early. Orinayo ends the year in an ever impressive manner with a consistent string of singles, filled with careless originality and a vocal demeanor that’s truly his.



1 Wasteman by GMK

Summary: music’s freddy kruger















Wasteman has elements of British Grime, reminding us of So Solid Crew; the fact that So Solid Crew was made up of more than five members, and GMK is just one person is already a form of flattery, but listening to the raw energy gushing out from this song, with the intended horror-like vocals and instrumentation, GMK may have created a new soundscape in the Nigerian Music Scene.