Ric Hassani talks about his music, fashion, and album

How did you come about the name Ric Hassani?

Hassani is from an episode of Fresh Prince of Belair, I heard the name Hassani and I liked it. My real name is Eric, I took out the E and got Ric. I wanted to add something to it and when I heard Hassani on the Fresh Prince episode, I liked it. I later checked what it meant, and it means ‘Handsome’ in Swahili. It’s a Swahili name.

You were once a rapper, what made you make the switch to become a singer? And at what point did you believe you could actually sing?

I’ve always sung, been in the classical choir since I was 7. I learnt how to rap cause at the time that was the cool thing to do. When I decided to take music seriously, I chose to advance with what I always knew how to do which was to sing.

Share with us your recording ritual?

I like being very inspired before I record because I write as I record most times, I do not really like to write before hand. I watch movies a lot, so I’m most inspired by movies and marriage proposals on Youtube, so I do that a lot before I go to record.

If you were given an opportunity to meet 5 Artists(dead or alive) who would they be?

Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Adele, Nicki Minaj, and Jay-Z.

Ric Hassani and Adekunle Gold(Ric performed at Adekunle Gold’s Album listening party)









Do you feel any pressure to add more ‘african-ness’ to your music? By ‘african-ness’ I’m referring to language(pidgin, yoruba,igbo,hausa etc)?

That doesn’t really bother me. I’m just making what I know how to make. The people who speak Yoruba is because they know how to, at the end of the day everyone is just doing what they know how to do, cause I think and do believe that’s the whole point. You’re supposed to come into the industry and contribute what you know how to, not what you don’t know how to. I speak a lot of English and Pidgin, and very little Igbo. I don’t know how to express myself in Yoruba because I don’t know how to speak Yoruba and I didn’t grow up in Lagos or in Yoruba speaking parts. I grew up in the South, so nothing like that. Plus I never get any pressure, I keep my creative circle very very small. I record almost all my music with my producer and I in the studio cause we both understand the music and sound we are creating and we we don’t like to mess with the vibe or the energy so we never like to have any other person in the studio with us while we create. So no pressure at all, I just create the kind of music I like and know how to. 

Tell us more about the inspiration behind your new single, Gentleman’

I basically wanted to make a really nice song that people could really listen to and that I’d be proud of for a long time. So I got in the studio with my Producer, Doron Clinton, and we started to create, the words just began to come and come, and we made the record. It didn’t take much time.

Ric Hassani













Do you believe in the importance of Fashion to a Music Artiste?

It’s really important I think, cause people want to listen to your music and also see what you look like; and these days you have to be a complete package so, it’s really important.

What are we to expect from you(music) this year?

I wanted to put out an album, but I’d release an EP(Extended Play) instead, then the next year an album hopefully. And I’d release my second official single and also do more collaborations.


ngm.ngRic Hassani is a Pop-African Singer and Songwriter that makes really great music. Ric has been nominated for 3 AFRIMMA Awards, you can view the details and how to vote for him here. You can follow him on Twitter: @richassani and on Facebook: Ric Hassani. Below is the video to his new single, ‘Gentleman’.